A Place at the Table: Day 26

Monday – Today was shopping day.  I have a couple of pieces of bread and rice for tomorrow, along with a bit of onion that I’ll most likely have to make last until the next shopping day. Otherwise, my cupboard is bare.

Since I had $2.12 left over from last week, my budget for this trip to the store was $17.10.  Here’s what I bought:

1 loaf of bread – $2.00 (on sale – again!)

1 quart half-n-half – $2.69 (store brand)

1 14.5oz can diced tomatoes – $0.75 (store brand)(on sale – again!)

1 jar of natural peanut butter – $2.79 (store brand)

6 bananas – $1.58

1 16oz bag of lentils – $1.09 (store brand)

1 32oz bag of brown rice – $1.79 (store brand)(on sale)

1 12oz bag of coffee – $3.00 (on clearance at Marshalls)

Total: $16.09.

This list leaves me a $1.01 cushion either for next week or for a last minute purchase later this week.  I still haven’t decided which I want to do.  If I could find a bag of frozen vegetables on sale, I might opt for that.

I bought the same bread I did last week – it’s a great deal on a quality product too good to pass up.  I opted for lentils instead of chickpeas because I wanted something with protein and fiber, but a different texture that might prove more versatile.  I’ve been in more of an Asian stir fry mood of late (rather than Indian), and I think lentils can do both.  Chickpeas don’t go well so well with soy sauce, in my opinion.

I went with brown rice over white rice, too, in an effort to be a little healthier.  The bag is a pound lighter than the last rice I bought, so it may not carry me all the way to Easter (which I had hoped) but we’ll see.  I had wanted to get two bags of the rice, because it was on sale. The sale made two 2lb bags cheaper than one 3lb bag (so I could have gotten a pound of rice more for a quarter less).  But at the register, the second bag put my total over by $0.58, so I had to put it back.

The coffee is also the same as before.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for the Marshalls clearance aisle!

Lord, help me to make wise use of this week’s daily bread.  Amen.

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