A Place at the Table: Day 9

Friday – Today is my birthday (woo-hoo!) and originally I had thought about breaking my fast for just this one, special occasion so my family could celebrate.  My four-tear-old daughters had it all planned out: Chevy’s for lunch or dinner, then the Silver Diner for dessert.  They were excited – and I was excited that they were excited.  And since Friday is my day off, we were thinking that going out during the day would be more enjoyable than fighting the evening rush.

However, one the twins was up much of the night screaming with pain in her ears, so I spent the morning with her at the pediatrician’s instead.  (Double ear infection = double woo-hoo!)  We are going to put off my birthday celebration until she feels better and we can all enjoy it more.  So, the fast continues.

I had the pasta left over from yesterday for breakfast.  When I got back from the doctor, I cooked the last of the pasta and ate half of that for  lunch with chicken and tomato sauce. It looks like I’ll have a little sauce and one chicken tender to carry over into next week.  The one birthday exception I allowed myself for my birthday was an extra cup of coffee (or two) around 4:00pm.  It was a very late night and I was starting to feel my age right about then.  Plus, as I’ve said, coffee is something I really enjoy.

The afternoon coffee really helped to quiet my hunger later in the day.  It would be a wonderful thing to have every day (which is what I’m accustomed to).  But I’ve got to make the coffee I have stretch.  $3 clearance coffee won’t come along every week, and even if it did I may not be able to afford it. It’s going to be mornings only for awhile.

Shopping will have to wait until tomorrow.  Sleet/freezing rain is in the forecast this evening, and I really don’t feel like venturing out into the stampede of people who will be flooding the stores to buy bread and milk as if we’ll be snowed in for days.  I have enough to get me through tomorrow’s breakfast.  And that’s one of the lessons of fasting: learning to satisfied with enough.  I’ll go in the morning.

Lord, thank you for the gift of a new year of life.  Thank you for helping me to get through this week of fasting, and for teaching me that I can get by on less than I think I can.  Increased gratitude is a wonderful birthday present indeed.


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  1. David Chastain

     /  February 25, 2013

    Learning to be satisfied “with enough”…Man, I need that in all aspects of my life…That idea doesn’t port so well into knowledge 🙂 We can never be satisfied with “just enough knowledge”…What about spirituality? “Just enough” spirituality?? No, not that either… Well, it was a good thought while it lasted…I still think that being satisfied with “enough” has application in more areas than food…Just have to figure out how…


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