A Place at the Table: Day 6

Tuesday – The coffee is great!  For a light roast, it has a nice, full flavor (to my taste buds).  It’s not “bright,” whatever that’s supposed to mean.  All I know is that I’ve never met a “bright” coffee that didn’t strike me as sour. I also know that I can make it until the end of the week on an all-coffee breakfast for sure.  Whether I can make it through to the end of Lent with only coffee before noon remains to be seen.

On the lunch front, one box of pasta is now gone along with most of the first jar of sauce.  These small simple meals have been quite enjoyable, but the pasta is not stretching  as far as I thought it would.  I realize I’ve been eating more than the suggested serving size, but it’s hardly a heaping bowl.  A cup and a half of cooked rotini isn’t much!  By the time I go shopping again on Thursday, I imagine I’ll have about 1/3 of the second box of pasta to carry over into next week.  I should be able to make the coffee stretch.

I think dividing up lunch into two smaller portions, as I did yesterday, is going to be my new pre-dinner approach.  It’s helped keep my late afternoon hunger at bay  two days running now.  Cooking everything the night before also helps.  Starting the day with the rich smells of sauteed chicken, tomatoes, and spices makes sticking with just that cup of coffee a challenge indeed.

Even though I’m making it through the day okay, I am finding myself getting hungrier at night. Normally, I don’t do a lot of munching once dinner is over.  But for the second night in a row, I’ve been hungry, even though I ate what my grandmother would have called a “good” dinner.   I could have taken out the delicious stir-fry my wife made single handedly.  I then ate a bowl of cereal (again) around 09:30pm.  I don’t even burn that calories during the day (I don’t think) working at my desk and visiting with parishioners.  I can’t imagine what this diet would be like if I had a physically demanding job – which many minimum wage jobs are.

Lord thank you for all you are revealing to me through this fast.  Continue to open my eyes that I may see. Amen.

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