A Place at the Table: Day 3

Saturday – I slept in and decided to forego breakfast again in favor of coffee. It’s worked well enough the past two days, and since I had money left over from my shopping I figured I’d chip in a quarter for the java – though I did feel slightly guilty for doing so.

My first lunch of pasta topped with tomato sauce and a pan fried chicken tender was a success! It was yummy and filling – though by 5:30pm my hunger pangs were getting strong. I will have to fiddle with the portion sizes. The box says a serving is 3/4 cup dry pasta and there are 6 servings per box. If I can stick with that, I’ll get through the week having used only one box. That would open up my options for next week. I think it will depend on how decide to spend my remaining allowance.

The afternoon brought new challenges.  Being at home with my daughters is always a joy, but it also proved a great temptation.  My wife was out running errands so I had to get the girls their snacks and make dinner.  Seeing food, smelling food, handling food that was off-limits was definitely trying.  My 5:30pm hunger pangs may have been enflamed by standing over the stove more than anything.  Thankfully, I was able to make it through without sneaking a bite.   Once again, though, coffee proved a stumbling block.  I had a second cup with my wife before she left for the store. Another $.25 from my allowance went into the change dish – but I shouldn’t have had it.  I’m going to have to figure the coffee thing out.  I may just have to decide that breakfast will be coffee and leave it at that – assuming I can find some that I can afford with the $5 and change I have remaining for this week. Or I may have to give it up altogether for the duration of the fast.

The day ended on a high note of gratitude.  If you count the days between Ash Wednesday and Easter, you will discover there are actually 46 days.  That’s because the six Sundays do not count as days in Lent.  Sundays are mini-Easters and, as such, are reckoned as feast days.  As I got into bed, I realized, “Tomorrow I can have breakfast.  I can have coffee and something to eat.”  It made me truly thankful.  And shouldn’t I be thankful every day that I can choose to have breakfast?

Thank you, Lord, for opening my eyes to the simple blessings of life that I too often take for granted.

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